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Mrs. Małgorzata Banasiewicz

The company co-owner and chairman of the board - graduated with honours in 1980 and received Master of Economy degree, University of Warsaw. Later worked at University of Warsaw, department of Econometrics. Having completed postgraduate Tax Program at Warsaw School of Economics, she started her own licensed accounting and tax advising limited company. Please kindly notice that services of tax advising in Poland can be provided only by persons listed on tax advisers list provided by The National Chamber of Tax Advisers. In order to get on permanent National Register of Tax Advisers one is required to have relevant practice and pass a number of difficult professional exams. We are pleased to inform you that Mrs Banasiewicz is registered at National Register of Tax Advisers. In J&M Małgorzata Banasiewicz takes the responsibility for our clients all accounting and tax affairs.
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Mr. Janusz Banasiewicz

The company co-owner and managing partner graduated with honours in 1980 and received Master of Journalism & Political Science Degree, University of Warsaw. After several years of journalism he proceeded to the successful business and social activities. His professional experience coming from high level courses and from participation as a board member in various companies, foundations and associations. Such knowledge and experience allowed him to join J&M as a partner responsible for business advice, general managament, payrolls, social security (ZUS), and labour law. For his outstanding service to Poland awarded by the President of Poland state orders - silver and gold Cross of Merit.
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