Whether you're a small- to medium-sized business owner with payroll processing, tax filing or HR management needs, we have a comprehensive and affordable payroll solution for you. Our services include payroll processing, human resources, tax compliance, labor compliance, social security obligations and much more. Focusing on keeping up with regulations and technological advances, J&M prides itself on immediate interaction and response to any and all of their customer needs.

Payroll processing


  • Calculating and preparing payrolls for employees on permanent work contract
  • Calculating and preparing payrolls for staff based on civil code contract
  • Determine the volume of the due prepayment for the income tax on the realized disbursements and drawing up monthly statements for the prepayments of the income tax on the effected disbursements - PIT-4
  • Preparing annual information about incomes obtained by employees and about collected prepayments for the income tax PIT-11
  • Hot-line services

Social Security (ZUS)

  • Preparing ZUS declarations for employees on permanent work contract
  • Preparing ZUS declarations for staff based on short-term legal contract
  • Calculating and preparing company monthly ZUS declarations
  • Sending ZUS declarations in electronic form within deadlines specified in regulations
  • Hot-line services
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